The international standard ISO 17024

The International standard ISO ISO/IEC 17024: 2003 “Conformity assessment -- General requirements for bodies working on the certification of persons” was published in 2003. It provides for the consistent, comparable and reliable operation of certifying bodies which are in the process of implementing a system for the certification of persons.

This global reference guide, adopted by many countries, defines the requirements for the organisational structure, design and operating of the certification system, its mode of management, the information to be recorded, the requirements of confidentiality and the competences of the evaluators. It describes the certification process as it should function from the application for certification through to the issue of the certificate and its renewal. It specifies, in a sense, the quality of the certifying body.
The conformity of the certification to this international standard guarantees professional seriousness and the impartiality of the certifying body.

Like other certification processes, Euro-certification for information-documentation professionals, is delivered by organisations that base their process on this standard.